EVENT: Lunchtime Sessions - The REANNZ International Network 12:30pm - 13:00pm 14 August 2019

Join us to learn more about the REANNZ international network - what it looks like, how it has been designed and the different network paths used to get to traffic to its destination, including large research flows and cloud connectivity. We will also discuss why some of these decisions were made as well as some thoughts about the future outlook of the Network and what makes it unique.

Daniel TwohillDan, who is based in Auckland, works across all aspects of the core network. He has 8 years of experience working for a large ISP and has held positions in both the Managed Services and Core Network Teams, most recently with a focus towards Automation.

Please Zoom in to join us:

Or you're welcome to join us in our Wellington office at 22 The Terrace, Level 5.

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